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Fresh vegetables are a staple.  We are hoping for large garden full of corn, kale, tomatoes, spinach and more this season.  Our goal is to see the garden produce enough food to feed  everyone living here plus some        to sell at the market.   


Protein is something a lot of people in this country do not get but they need. This business will provide not only income for the center but meat and eggs for our meals. We will sell some between 6-8 weeks old. 


Through the power of prayer and community donations, we were able to purchase and ship a brand new John Deere tractor to Miracle Power.

This has transformed the way the team farms and provides for the community. 



We get clean water by the turn of a faucet or grabbing a plastic bottle from the fridge.  It is hard to believe that people actually search in ditches and potholes for water.  The struggle is real.  We were able to install a well in 2012 that services the center and surrounding community.  People come from miles to buy the "sweet water" that flows day after day.  Clean water helps create better health.

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